5 Signs It May Be Time For A New Job

It is normal for any job to have its pros & cons. However, experiencing long-lasting dissatisfaction in your current role may indicate that it may be time to seek other opportunities.    

From speaking to hundreds of candidates, TalentHub has recognised some reasons why people decide to move on and come to us to make the change.   

1. You have learned what you can from the role   

You may have been in your position long enough that your duties have become too repetitive. You are no longer learning in your role and feel that moving on to the next career chapter will bring new and exciting challenges.  

2. You feel underappreciated  

Underappreciation in a job can be evident in many ways. Lack of acknowledgement for a good job done can fester into bitterness and can affect workplace relationships. Being under-compensated can reflect your company’s lack of value towards your work and career growth. Being paid below market value can result in growing frustration.   

3. You are experiencing high levels of work-related stress  

We understand that some workdays are busier than others; however, if you are experiencing continuous stress in your role, consider the effects on your physical and mental health. If you find that your workload is consuming your headspace, this is another sign that it’s time to consider your options.    

4. Quite Quitting has started to creep in  

You have become bored and no longer feel motivated by your duties. You have begun to do the bare minimum, actively avoiding any opportunity to grow or perform within your role, resulting in bad habits being formed.  

5. Lack of work-life balance    

Your job should not affect your life outside your work hours, and you focus on work rather than time with family or friends. If your company cannot respect your life outside of work, it is time to consider what is best for you and your personal life.   

Deciding to change jobs is a significant moment in anyone’s career. We believe it is best to have another opportunity lined up, ready and waiting before making a decision.

If you are experiencing job dissatisfaction, CLICK HERE to contact us and let’s discuss what opportunities may suit you best!

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