Irish Hiring Landscape: Overcoming Talent Scarcity with Recruitment Experts

Recent survey findings from Manpower Group shed light on the hiring intentions, talent scarcity, and sector-specific outlook on the Irish market. The survey revealed that 40% of employers in Ireland are planning to expand their workforce in Q3 of this year. However, despite the positive hiring sentiment, a staggering 81% of businesses face difficulties finding […]

Which design career should you go for?

A career in UX design is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many people. However, the jobtitles associated with design can be confusing. This article aims to break down the confusion by lookingat 5 of the most common UX job titles and what they mean/what you would be doing in that position. The 5 roles […]

What is Employer Brand & How important is it?

In today’s competitive job market, finding the right candidate for any role can be an uphill battle. However, there’s a secret weapon that can give you a significant edge in attracting and retaining top talent: your employer brand. At TalentHub, we understand the critical role that a strong employer brand plays in the success of […]

5 Tips for using Chat GPT when applying for jobs.

Chat GPT has become increasingly popular in the last few months. At TalentHub, we have come to understand the potential benefits and drawbacks of using AI-powered chatbots like Chat GPT for job applications. While Chat GPT can be a time-saving and helpful tool when applying for roles and writing cover letters, there will always be […]

The Top 5 Skills In Demand By The Tech Industry In 2023.

It is predicted that 85% of the jobs that college graduates in 2030 will have are yet to be invented. This statistic means that skills will need to adapt and change, focusing on tasks that require strategy, creativity, and emotional intelligence, as AI and automation become more advanced and capable of taking on more work. […]

On The Job Hunt? Here’s Some Advice…

Long gone are the days of staying in one job for your entire career, and with recent industry layoffs, the job market is now more competitive than ever. Below is some expert advice for candidates who are on the job hunt. Reach out to your ‘dream company’  You don’t need to wait until you see […]

5 Ways to speed up your hiring process!

As the new year approaches, employers must be sharp and receptive to candidates to lock in the best talent.  Below are 5 expert tips on how your business can speed up your hiring process so that talent doesn’t get snapped up by someone else. Make the Application Process Simple Your application process needs to be […]

How to retain your top talent in 2023!

Retaining top-tier talent is an industry-wide struggle. As the market continues to evolve, so do the needs and wants of employees, and talented employees will gravitate to companies that best suit them.   Here are just a few strategies organisations can put in place that will ensure staff retention and improve company’s work culture.   Attractive Benefits […]

The Strategy Behind Finding Your Dream Job

Many people have a dream job in their minds, a job they get excited about, are satisfied in, and are stress-free. The majority of those people get settled in a job or industry that seemed like the safest bet when they left school or university. Given the recent announcements of layoffs across many job sectors […]

5 ways Gen Z is transforming the workplace

From “Quiet Quitting” to “Act your Wage”, we have all heard the new slang that Gen Z has brought to the workforce since they graduated. With their confident attitude and trendy clothes, this powerhouse generation is transforming how many of us work. But what makes them so different to their predecessors, the humble, stressed, burnt-out […]