Employee Benefits Report 2022

The main challenge that employers are facing across the world, is the attraction and retention of the employees needed to help their businesses thrive and succeed. Since the global pandemic, we have seen a surge in people leaving their current employer and starting new jobs. At TalentHub, we speak to hundreds of jobseekers on a weekly basis and thus have gained a good insight into the reasons behind these moves and what the employees’ motivations are.  

Over the past year, we have noticed a common trend occurring, which is a much bigger emphasis on understanding employers’ benefits and packages. People are less interested in simply knowing the salary, they want to know what other perks are being offered.  

We wanted to take a deep dive into Employee Benefits, their impact and which benefits are working best at both retaining and attracting talent.  

We shared an Employee Benefits survey with clients across numerous industries: eCommerce, Professional Services, Financial Services, Technology, Food, Retail, Media & Marketing, Transport, Tourism and Communications & Broadband.

We hope the findings and insights outlined in this report help your business forecast what types of benefits you need to introduce if you want to stay competitive, attract the best calibre of staff and ensure loyalty within your workforce. 

You can download the report here: https://bit.ly/3Ng3Z84 

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