Managing Hybrid Workforce

Navigating the New Normal: Mastering Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Workplace

Mastering Employee Engagement

Here is a quick overview from our webinar “Mastering Employee Engagement” some useful insights from our panel of experts.

As workplaces around the world continue to adapt to the post-pandemic reality, the importance of employee engagement has never been clearer. Engaged employees not only drive productivity but also cultivate positive workplace cultures and are essential for retaining top talent. In this evolving landscape, let’s explore expert strategies to create a vibrant, adaptive workplace suited to today’s diverse workforce.

Understanding Employee Needs

Sarah McDonough, a seasoned expert in organisational dynamics, emphasises the critical nature of aligning employees with the core values and mission of their organisation. This alignment enhances job satisfaction and fosters a sense of belonging. She identifies key areas to focus on: the significance of purpose, the impact of interpersonal relationships at work, clarity in roles, and comprehensive rewards systems that go beyond traditional compensation. These factors are particularly vital in a hybrid work setting where employees may feel disconnected. For example, a tech startup has seen great success with bi-weekly virtual meetings that keep remote employees engaged and informed about company goals.

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

John Ryan champions a holistic approach to workplace wellness that prioritizes both physical and mental health. According to Ryan, adopting the Salutogenic Model—which focuses on promoting health rather than simply preventing illness—is crucial, especially in environments where remote work has become the norm. A practical application of this model can be seen in a digital marketing firm that introduced ‘Wellness Wednesdays,’ offering virtual yoga sessions and wellness workshops that bridge the gap between remote and in-office teams, nurturing a unified, healthy workplace community.

Enhancing Connection and Trust

The need for a supportive and connected workplace is echoed by Aoife O’Brien, who advocates for a framework that supports autonomy, competence, and relatedness. She suggests that these elements are essential for creating a work environment where employees can thrive. By empowering employees to make decisions relevant to their work and facilitating strong team connections through regular virtual and physical meetups, organisations can enhance trust and cohesion. A multinational corporation has put this into practice through a cross-functional virtual mentorship program, enhancing team bonds across different geographies.

Adapting to New Work Norms

The shift to hybrid work models introduces both challenges and opportunities in maintaining employee engagement. Flexibility, effective communication, and inclusivity are more important than ever. One innovative approach is seen in an IT company that redesigned its workspaces to better accommodate hybrid work. This included creating ‘hot desks’ for collaboration days and equipping meeting rooms with advanced video conferencing technology to ensure seamless integration of remote and in-person participants.


As we navigate these changes, the strategies highlighted by our experts provide a roadmap for fostering a workplace where all employees feel valued, supported, and connected. From Sarah McDonough’s insights into foundational employee needs, through John Ryan’s advocacy for a health-first approach, to Aoife O’Brien’s strategies for enhancing connection and trust, it is clear that a thoughtful, holistic approach to employee engagement can transform the modern workplace.

In this hybrid era, understanding and implementing these principles will not only help retain top talent but also attract new stars to your organisation, ensuring that your company remains competitive and vibrant in the ever-evolving corporate landscape.

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