Product Manager Roles Ireland 2024

Product Manager Roles Ireland 2024

Becoming a Product Manager involves developing a blend of business, technology, and user experience skills. These roles are crucial in tech, finance, healthcare, and more. In Ireland, the demand for Product Managers is growing due to the tech industry’s expansion. A Product Manager’s job includes market research, product development oversight, and strategy implementation. Salaries in Ireland vary widely based on experience and industry, with competitive compensation reflecting the role’s significance. Qualifications range from business or tech degrees to specific certifications like Agile and Scrum.

Product managers in technology, especially within software and internet services, often have high earning potential due to the critical role they play in product development and market success. Other lucrative industries include finance, particularly in fintech, pharmaceuticals, and consumer electronics, where innovation and customer satisfaction directly impact the bottom line. The exact salary can vary widely depending on the company’s size, the product’s complexity, and the market’s competitive landscape.

Steps to becoming a Product Manager
in Ireland.

  1. Gain a solid educational background in business, marketing, or a related field.
  2. Develop relevant skills, including market research, customer insight, and product lifecycle management.
  3. Acquire practical experience through internships or by working in roles close to product development, such as in marketing or project management.
  4. Earn certifications in Agile, Scrum, or other product management methodologies.
  5. Build a network in the industry to learn from experienced Product Managers and discover opportunities.
  6. Continuously learn about new trends and tools in product management.

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