TalentHub Launches HubTalks Podcast… Check it out

If you missed out on attending HubTalks last month, you can now listen to all the fantastic talks with Morgan Cummins on Spotify. Check them out here: Spotify player not working? Click here for the direct link.

HubTalks: Talent Garden on The 5 Core Values of Coworking

Machaela O’Leary, Community Manager of Europe’s leading innovation platform for the digital/tech community, Talent Garden, shares 5 values to keep in mind if you’re considering a coworking membership or office space. The 5 Core Values of Coworking According to Statista.com, by the end of 2018, it has been predicted that there will be over 18,900 […]

Building a Communications Strategy for Millennials

Yes, that’s a very long heading for a blog post. So much nonsense is spouted about millennials, and we have a lot to say to put the record straight. If millennials make up the audience for your product or service, it’s critical that you develop an insightful and nuanced understanding about them for the sake […]

Brands Need to Embrace M-Commerce

Retailers have come to acknowledge that it’s no longer about driving footfall to a store, today it’s about optimising eCommerce for success. This is the ‘new traditional’ way to shop after all. We live in a digital age, so it seems obvious to state that brands need to embrace m-commerce. However, the point cannot be […]

3 Years Building TalentHub; What We’ve Learnt

As any entrepreneur, or anyone who works at a startup, will tell you, it’s a total baptism of fire when you work in a newly created business. Even more so if it’s actually your business and you have poured blood, sweat and tears (and, as Theo Paphetis would say…your children’s inheritance!) into it! There are […]