Alan Cox on There Being no Expiry Date on Learning|The Mindset Shift

Back by popular demand is ‘The Mindset Shift’ interview with Alan Cox, Chief Executive of Core, Ireland’s largest media communications company.   Throughout Alan’s conversation with Tim McCarthy, he shares some great lessons that he has learnt throughout his career journey. Let’s take a look:  Lesson 1:   Never underestimate the importance of continuous training and learning. Alan says that when he started out […]

Core Media share their latest ‘Outlook 2016’ report.

Core Media have released their latest annual ‘Outlook’ report, which offers topical and granular insights into current market trends. Alan Cox, CEO of Core Media, introduces the report by reflecting on economic improvements over the past couple of years. In 2014, Ireland saw the first increase in Advertising spend for 7 years (with a rise […]