5 Ways to retain your Tech Talent

As anyone in business knows, getting the right person for the right job is just one half of the battle. The other half is keeping good talent. According to Stack Overflow there is 1 developer for every 5 vacancies globally. While retention of talent is an industry-wide problem, it’s particularly problematic in technology. From software companies to […]

UPSKILL: The Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2018

Staying on top of industry trends and maintaining an up-to-date skillset is more important in software development than in almost any other industry. The market for developer jobs is remarkably varied, with no single language dominating so much of the market that it renders spending time on other languages redundant; having a wide skillset than […]

Blockchain Technology Transforms Business

Much hype exists around cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, with investors, VCs and developers alike keeping a close eye on their evolution in an area that still remains largely unregulated. What about the underlying blockchain technology platform for virtual currencies that is the real technological innovation and what is its scope to disrupt business? We’ve decided […]

Cyber Security: Learning For The Future

In the second part of my cyber security series, I wanted to zero in on IT security and the challenges on the horizon for developers in staying ahead. In the first part, which can be found here, we looked at the issue of Cyber Security in relation to developers, as well as the importance of […]

Cybersecurity, Developers and the Crucial Factor: The User Mindset

Once an issue that was chiefly confined to CIOs and information security specialists, recent ransomware attacks such as WannaCry2 and the ongoing onslaught of malware and ever-sophisticated hacks means that cybersecurity is a hot topic for us all, developers and companies alike. But, in the race to stay ahead, what we can often forget to […]

The Future of IT – Global Scientist Tells All to TalentHub

Buck Woody, one of Microsoft’s pioneers in the data science, business intelligence and analytics space, was in Ireland recently for the 2017 SQL Saturday Dublin. Following the event, he spoke to TalentHub about programming and the current climate for developers and nurturing IT talent, especially through continual education and upskilling. Based in Florida in the […]