Highlights From HubTalks 2019 – The Amazon Effect

Q: What do you get when you combine an almost torrential rainstorm with 150 of the smartest marketing and eCommerce professionals in Ireland? A: A brilliant night of learnings, buzz and insights at our second HubTalks event! At the very center of TalentHub is our belief in community. And one of the ways we endeavor […]

Amazon and CX – going beyond the “customer is always right” adage

CX is the cutting edge. Repeating the “customer is always right” adage, without having your whole business live up to the words, doesn’t make your business customer-centric. Instead, relentlessly focusing on customer experience (CX) does. What does this actually mean? Consider this Jeff Bezos quote, “…customers are always beautifully, wonderfully dissatisfied, even when they report […]

Introducing HubTalks 2019 – The Amazon Effect

As an intrinsic part of the eCommerce community of Ireland, TalentHub are delighted to launch our latest event in the HubTalks series, this time we are focusing on what many refer to as ‘The Amazon Effect’. Whilst pure-play E-commerce is highly evolved, the often forgotten ‘little brother’ is the plethora of bricks and mortar business, […]

Brands Need to Embrace M-Commerce

Retailers have come to acknowledge that it’s no longer about driving footfall to a store, today it’s about optimising eCommerce for success. This is the ‘new traditional’ way to shop after all. We live in a digital age, so it seems obvious to state that brands need to embrace m-commerce. However, the point cannot be […]

Highlights from #HubTalks eCommerce

For those of you who didn’t make TalentHub’s first #HubTalks event or for anyone looking for a recap of the night please enjoy the clip below! On the night we had fantastic contributions from experts in the Irish eCommerce arena. We’ve used our position at TalentHub as a partner to some of Ireland’s most innovative eCommerce […]

Only two days to go until Hubtalks on eCommerce

Just Two Days To #HubTalks on eCommerce This Thursday evening June 8th we’re delighted to be hosting our very first HubTalks event. We’re going to focus on eCommerce in Ireland and how Ireland can capture some of the €4.5 billion that leaves our shores every year and flows into the coffers of foreign retailers. HubTalks, […]

The E-Commerce Challenge

What’s the one hire this year that could change your business profile?   It’s quite simple: going digital, even with just one hire, can change everything about your business forever. Sounds like a big promise? While online transactions are worth a whopping €9 billion in Ireland, and €150 billion across Europe, four out of every […]