Why employers need to invest in their employees

In an ever-changing job market, employers need to stay ahead of their competitors by attracting and retaining talent through the benefits and opportunities they offer to their employees. It can be said that the success of any organisation can be directly linked to the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies of its staff members. By investing […]

Employee Benefits Report 2022

The main challenge that employers are facing across the world, is the attraction and retention of the employees needed to help their businesses thrive and succeed. Since the global pandemic, we have seen a surge in people leaving their current employer and starting new jobs. At TalentHub, we speak to hundreds of jobseekers on a […]

5 Ways to retain your Tech Talent

As anyone in business knows, getting the right person for the right job is just one half of the battle. The other half is keeping good talent. According to Stack Overflow there is 1 developer for every 5 vacancies globally. While retention of talent is an industry-wide problem, it’s particularly problematic in technology. From software companies to […]