Your workplace culture will always overrule your strategy

Whether you’re running a startup of less than ten people, an SME of less than 100 or a multinational organisation with thousands of employees, your workplace culture plays a bigger role than you might think. And by culture, we don’t mean free pizza or bean bag chairs, or a mission statement pinned to the wall. […]

Highlights from #HubTalks eCommerce

For those of you who didn’t make TalentHub’s first #HubTalks event or for anyone looking for a recap of the night please enjoy the clip below! On the night we had fantastic contributions from experts in the Irish eCommerce arena. We’ve used our position at TalentHub as a partner to some of Ireland’s most innovative eCommerce […]

#HubTalks gets Ireland’s eCommerce conversation started

What. A. Night. Last night,  TalentHub had the privilege of hosting some of the Irish eCommerce world’s best and brightest at our first #HubTalks event. Attendees packed the BoI Workbench in Dublin’s Grand Canal Square to hear how Ireland can recapture some of the whopping €4.5 billion that leaves these shores every year. This money […]

Ireland as an eCommerce powerhouse?

The €4.5 billion Irish eCommerce question Did you know that €4.5 billion worth of eCommerce revenue leaves Ireland every year? That’s money that Irish retailers could be capturing, but right now… they just aren’t. This situation needs to change. Our #HubTalks event is the first step in that journey. Every day in my career as […]