Four Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

When it comes to accepting a job offer, it is extremely important to evaluate both the offer and opportunity before making your decision. You are going to spending at least 8 hours of your day in employment, so you better make sure it’s the right one for you and that it fulfils all your career goals. […]

Should you apply for a job if you don’t meet the requirements?

We have all been there. You see your dream job being advertised but after reading the description and requirements, you realise you don’t quite match all the stated job requirements. So, what now? Do you just leave it, or do you take a chance?   The next time this happens to you, don’t discount applying in the first instance. Instead, assess […]

How To Find Your Dream Job

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Having worked in Talent Acquisition for over 4 years, the most common question that I get asked is “Morgan, how do I find my dream job?” The answer is […]

What is Design Thinking and Why is it Marketing’s Best Tool?

Don’t be fooled by the name. Design thinking is not the sole preserve of designers. But the term does refer to the work processes that designers use to apply human-centered methods to fix problems, improve products and services, create and innovate. When looked at through that lens, design thinking has been used by visionaries across […]

9 Factors to Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer

Deciding whether to accept a job offer can be one of the most gut-wrenching, emotional decisions. There used to be a time when a job was for life and you’d retire at the end of your career with a carriage clock and whopping pension. Long gone are those days! Today, the average worker holds ten […]

How To Prepare For An Interview Using 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to interview preparation, you want to do everything possible to give yourself the best chance of success. Much like any scenario, the more you train and prepare for it, the better you’ll be. If you want to come across prepared, confident and impressive to your prospective employer, read on. As recruitment specialists, […]

How is SaaS marketing different to other types of marketing?

It’s tough being a SaaS marketer. Not only are there numerous SaaS products flooding the market on any given day, but the very nature of a SaaS product is that it’s constantly changing. There’s a reason why SaaS marketers occasionally cringe when they hear about the updates on the next product roadmap. It means that […]

Are you using your LinkedIn Profile to your Advantage?

Let’s be honest, LinkedIn InMails can be a regular or sometimes unwelcomed occurrence, depending on your current position and how receptive you are to hearing from Recruiters. However, if you are “open to new opportunities” and want to get your LinkedIn profile noticed by recruiters or potential employers, you need to ensure your using it […]

How To Nail Your Interview Presentation

You’ve found the job you’ve been waiting for, and secured an all-important interview. There’s just a presentation standing in the way of you getting the job, and you need to nail it, but how? As a leading recruitment agency, it’s the question we hear time and time again – ‘How can I be the best […]

UPSKILL: Digital Marketing Skills You Need For 2018

The face of digital marketing is continuously changing. Digital transformation has been an ongoing project for many companies over the past few years and is high on the agenda for others. Companies are more willing to expand and build on their digital capabilities so there has never been a better time for Marketers to upskill […]