Jason Barry on Being Mindful of the Shadow you Cast on those Around You|The Mindset Shift

Jason Barry is the Chief Technology Officer for Bluestone Mortgages, a fast-growing lender specialising in residential home loans. With over 20 years of international experience, Jason leads Bluestones’ technology and innovation teams across Australia and New Zealand.  He is passionate about the role of technology as an enabler of business opportunity and customer outcomes. Having […]

Evanna Kearins on Always Striving to Do Your Best|The Mindset Shift

Another Mindset Shift back by popular demand is Tim McCarthy’s interview with Evanna Kearins. Evanna is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Pluralsight, a technology workforce development company. During her interview with Tim, Evanna shares some great life and career lessons she has picked up throughout her journey thus far. Let’s take a look at some of them:  Lesson […]

Maria Mileder on the Power of Asking Questions|The Mindset Shift

A Mindset Shift interview back by popular demand is Tim McCarthy’s interview with Maria Mileder, Global Head of Innovation at PayPal. In this interview Maria shares the many shifts throughout her life and the lessons she learnt along the way. Let’s take a look at some of them:  Lesson 1:  Your world isn’t the only world  While Maria was in secondary school, she volunteered to work with the Red Cross […]

Colin Lewis’s Top Life and Career Lessons|The Mindset Shift

This week’s Mindset Shift interview is with Colin Lewis, CMO at OpenJaw Technologies. Colin is an award-winning marketer and has nearly 20 years international experience across the world.   During his interview with Tim McCarthy, Colin shares numerous life and career lessons that we think could help you navigate your way through life. Lesson 1: Having an interest in other people and engaging with […]

Friederike Fabritius on Sustaining your Peak Performance

A Mindset Shift interview back by popular demand is Tim McCarthy‘s session with Friederike Fabritius. Friederike is a neuroscientist, keynote speaker, and an award-winning author. She delivers brain-based leadership programs to Fortune 500 executives and organisations around the globe to transform how they think, innovate, and navigate change.   In this episode, Friederike shares some of her top tips and learnings on how […]