Tech Roles In Ireland 2024

Tech Jobs in Ireland in High Demand in 2024

In 2024, retaining tech talent becomes a priority as 64% of tech workers consider changing jobs. Finding skilled professionals is challenging for 90% of technology managers, leading to faster recruitment processes. Salaries play a key role in encouraging tech professionals to return to offices, with 89% willing to do so for the right offer. High-demand tech roles include systems security managers, cloud architects, and data scientists, requiring specific skills and certifications. Salaries vary based on experience, with competitive rates essential for attracting the best candidates.

Starting salaries for tech roles in 2024 are influenced by various factors, but certain positions are particularly sought after. To attract and retain the right talent in a competitive market, employers need to offer competitive salaries that reflect the candidate’s skills and experience. Among the top jobs are systems security managers, network/cloud architects, and applications architects, each commanding significant salaries at different experience levels. Essential for these roles are up-to-date skills, relevant certifications, and a strong foundation in cybersecurity and technology architecture.

The average salary for a Cyber Security Analyst in Ireland in 2024 is around €57,500 per year. Salaries for entry-level positions start at €49,500 annually, while experienced professionals can earn up to €80,000 per year. For Cyber Security Analysts in Ireland, the focus is on safeguarding company data against digital threats, necessitating a blend of technical expertise and an understanding of current cyber security trends. The average salary reflects the high demand for these skills in the evolving digital landscape.

In Ireland for 2024, the average salary for a Solution Architect is approximately €85,000 per year. Entry-level positions might start around €75,000 annually, with more experienced professionals earning up to €109,750 per year. Solution Architects in Ireland play a pivotal role in devising and implementing technological solutions aligned with business objectives. Their compensation is commensurate with their ability to translate complex technical challenges into actionable, strategic plans for organisations.

SAP Specialists in Ireland are highly sought after for their expertise in implementing and managing SAP systems, which are critical for streamlining business processes and data management. Their compensation reflects the specialized skills and knowledge required to navigate SAP’s complex landscape, contributing significantly to organizational efficiency and productivity. Sap Analyst can command approx €46,000 per year. Where as a SAP project manager can earn approx €84,000.

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Other IT Roles in Ireland:

  • Network/Cloud Architect: Architects in this role design and implement network and cloud solutions to support business goals, ensuring scalability and security.
  • Applications Architect: These professionals focus on designing the structure of applications, ensuring they meet business needs and performance requirements.
  • IT Director: Responsible for the overall IT strategy and implementation within an organisation, balancing technical needs with business goals.
  • ERP Integration Manager: They oversee the integration of ERP systems, ensuring seamless operation and data consistency across departments.
  • Big Data Engineer: Specialises in handling vast amounts of data, developing infrastructure and tools for data storage, analysis, and processing.
  • Data Security Analyst: Focuses on protecting company data from cyber threats, ensuring compliance with security policies and regulations.
  • Data Scientist: Uses statistical analysis and machine learning to extract insights from data, informing business decisions.
  • DevOps Engineer: Bridges the gap between development and operations, aiming for faster development cycles and more reliable software releases.
  • Network Security Engineer: Protects network systems from cyber threats, implementing security measures and monitoring for potential breaches.
  • Senior Web Developer: Develops and maintains complex web applications, often leading development teams on projects.
  • Database Developer: Designs and maintains database systems, ensuring data integrity, performance, and accessibility.
  • Software Engineer: Develops software applications, from design to testing and maintenance, often working in a variety of programming languages.
  • Network/Cloud Engineer: Works on the deployment and management of network and cloud services, focusing on efficiency and scalability.

Check out our salary guide for more information on IT salaries in Ireland

Entering IT roles in Ireland offers promising opportunities across various specialties like cybersecurity, cloud architecture, SAP, and more. As the tech landscape evolves, focusing on continuous learning and certification in specific areas can enhance your marketability. Strong demand for skilled professionals means competitive salaries and diverse career paths. Networking and staying informed about industry trends are crucial. Whether you’re a budding software engineer, a data scientist, or an IT director, aligning your skills with emerging technologies will position you for success.

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