Why Starting the Job Search During the Summer is a Great Idea

1. You can still go on holiday 

One of the main reasons we tend to put off looking for a job during the summer is because we have a holiday planned with friends, family or a loved one.  

After being in numerous different lockdowns and being forced to stay put, people are dying to get away for a well-deserved break. So why should you look for a job when you’re jetting off for a few weeks? I’m sure you’re thinking- “What kind of new employer wants their newest hire heading off on their holidays”. 

This isn’t always the case, especially nowadays. With there being such a huge demand for talent, companies are being forced to be more flexible and accommodating. Pushing out peoples start dates is one way they have been showcasing this flexibility.  

We recently had a client agree to a new hire not starting until late August because they had planned to travel for 3 weeks. We are all human, and hiring managers understand that people go away during the summer. Don’t let this stop you from considering applying for a job. 

2. The job market is quieter 

As we just mentioned, people go away during the summer. This includes the people who are hiring. Therefore, it’s no surprise that summertime tends to be a bit quieter when it comes to the job market.  

With it being quieter, it’s the best time to mentally start your job search. Use this time to research the companies you are interested in working with, check out the competition and decide what exactly you want your next move to be. We have a downloadable job-hunt strategy to help you start this process. You can download it here.

While it’s a bit quieter, you can make sure your CV is up-to-date with all your relevant information. We have CV templates you can use to help get you started. Check them out here.

September is one of the best times to apply for jobs. Why? In September, people return from holidays and get back into routine. More interviews happen and there’s less downtime and waiting. The hiring process is smoother overall, and you can get from start to finish faster. 

So, if you take advantage of the quieter time during the summer to prepare yourself for applying for jobs- you’ll land a job in September in no time. Your CV is up to date, you know what companies you want to target, and you know exactly what you want. You’ll be thanking your future self if you start doing small tasks to prepare yourself for the job hunt now.  

3. More hours in the day 

One of the main reasons why people love summer is because of the longer, brighter evenings. We feel like we have more time to do activities after work and as a result our mood tends to improve too.  

With the extra bright hours in the evening, why not use this time to your advantage. Do your research, update your CV, apply for that job you’d love.  

You could also use this time to try and upskill. If you have identified a new skill you’d need in order to get into your dream job, now’s the time to upskill.  


We understand you can have a lot going on in your personal life during the summer- holidays, weddings, BBQ’s etc. But it’s a great time to start putting aside a little bit of time every week to prepare yourself for applying for jobs. 

To help you get started, here’s a list of things you can start to do now in order to hit the ground running once the job market picks up in September.  

You should focus on doing the following during the summer: 

– Make sure your CV is up to date  

– Create a list of companies you want to work for 

– Identify who you need to connect with in these companies 

– Update your LinkedIn profile  

– Set up job alerts for roles you’re keen on  (Sign up for our weekly alerts here)

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